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In the Car Rental (APEX RENT A CAR)  sector in Sinop ;
Providing the highest efficiency by keeping customer satisfaction and loyalty at the highest level,

  • Having knowledge and experience,
  • Being sensitive and compatible with innovations and developments in the world,
  • Informing its customers correctly about the sector,
  • Providing consultancy services to customers on fleet management,
  • Creating a self-improvement environment for its employees,
  • Being an institution that is aware of its social responsibilities and takes an active role in this regard.

In parallel with the developments and changes in the world and our country; To fulfill our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, environment and society by ensuring the effectiveness and up-to-dateness of our processes.


ADVANTAGES OF RENT A CARWhile dealing with work, school and other activities of daily life, assistance is received from transportation vehicles and the distances are covered by a preferred vehicle. Individuals' choices may be different when they set out to go to work in the morning, sometimes public transportation and sometimes private cars or taxis are used. In case of going on vacation, buses are used for intercity trips. The need for a vehicle may arise when going to another point from your current location. At such times, the car rental service comes into play. A car is needed, especially on holiday at the airport or on the way to sightseeing places. The variety of services offered has brought car rental with it, and our company has helped its customers by becoming one of the leading names in the sector.There are many vehicles within APEX Rent A Car and one of the rental options can be applied on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Cars provide to reach the desired place in a short time. Being aware of the importance of the service we provide as APEX Rent A Car , we include vehicles suitable for every budget in our fleet. The aim of our company is to provide quality service and adhere to the principle of customer satisfaction. For this reason, the maintenance of the vehicles is carried out regularly, visa and insurance procedures are completed. In addition, many options in terms of model are brought together and presented to the service of individuals and corporate companies. Support can be obtained by contacting our SINOP car rental service at any time of the day.

The purpose of the establishment of our company is to provide quality to our guests and to ensure your 100% satisfaction. As SİNOP RENT A CAR (APEX RENT A CAR), we will continue to work non-stop to achieve this goal.

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