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1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14 days
60 € /day 55 € /day 50 € /day
1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14 days
50 € /day 45 € /day 40 € /day

1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14days
60 /day 55 /day 50 /day
1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14 days
  60 /day 55 €/day 50 /day
1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14days
65€/day 60€/day 55€/day
Renault Megane Sedan or Similar 4 Doors
1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14days
60€/day 55€/day 50€/day
Opel Zafira or Similar 4 Doors
1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14 days
65€/day 60 €/day 55€/day
KIA SORENTO or Similar
1-3 days 4-7days 8-14 days
130€/day 120€/day 110€/day 

sports car rental in Dubai

2221 217 5 321

Sports car rental in Dubai, sinoprenta car, sinop airport rental, Many car rental companies have emerged to meet the increasing need for vehicles in the world and in our country. In Sinop, we have adopted the principle of providing high quality and safe car rental services to both public and local and foreign tourists as Sinop car rental . Do you understand our esteemed guests to meet and live the difference in Sinop Airport, in order to realize the high-quality service sports car rental in Dubai , or you are bekliyoruz.7 / 24 service  sinop rent a car at the rental.

As sports car rental in Dubai, sinoprenta car, sinop airport rental, sports car rental in Dubai , we offer our comfortable, safe, luxury vehicles to your service 24/7 in order to eliminate the lack of service in the car rental area in Sinop. Reasonable price, quality service in rent a car rental in Sinop .

sports car rental in Dubai, car sinoprent, Sinop airport rental, your Sinop Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the north of the Black Sea. Enchanting those who see it with its history and nature, Sinop has gained a new momentum with the opening of the airport and the investments made in recent years. Also Sinop has become attractive because it is the happiest province in Dubai, according to the survey. For local or foreign visitors coming to Sinop, there is a need for sports car rental in Dubai to visit the city . If you happen to be in Sinop , you can rent a car from Sinop Rent a Car and visit this beautiful city to your heart's content.

sports car rental in Dubai, Sinop airport rental, dozens of natural wonders in Sinop, the pearl of the Black Sea, are waiting for you with their beautiful beaches, wonderful sea, beautiful air and historical places that have preserved their naturalness from the past to the present. We are honored to serve you with our vehicle fleet expanding every year so that you can enjoy these beauties to the fullest.

in sports car rental in Dubai, sinoprenta car, sinop airport rental, in sports car rental in Dubai (APEX RENT A CAR)  sector;
Providing the highest efficiency by keeping customer satisfaction and loyalty at the highest level,

  • Having knowledge and experience,
  • Being sensitive and compatible with innovations and developments in the world,
  • Informing its customers correctly about the sector,
  • Providing consultancy services to customers on fleet management,
  • Creating a self-improvement environment for its employees,
  • Being an institution that is aware of its social responsibilities and takes an active role in this regard.

In parallel with the developments and changes in the world and our country; To fulfill our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, environment and society by ensuring the effectiveness and up-to-dateness of our processes.

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sports car rental in Dubai, sinoprenta car, sinop airport rental,


1- Make sure to rent your car from legal companies. Renting from a place without legal permission may cause you unwanted troubles.
2- Find out if the service and maintenance points of the company you will be renting are on your route.
3- When renting the vehicle, check if there is any defect, malfunction or damage. Make sure the headlights and lights are working. Report any issues to the relevant personnel immediately and note down the contract. Even take a picture of it there.
4- Make sure to make a car rental agreement. Otherwise, financial loss as a result of an accident may come to the points you do not want.
5- Check what the price of the vehicle to be rented includes. In general, some extra fees will be added to the price announced on the showcase. It would be better for you to learn the turnkey rental price.
6 - Make sure that the vehicle's insurance and other insurances are complete. When you have an accident with a vehicle without automobile insurance, the traffic insurance does not cover the damage because the vehicle is rented. Thus, all expenses can be left on you.
7- An accident, withdrawal, etc. Ask for information on what path to follow and what kind of documents should be brought. Find out which number and whom to call.
8 - Early booking always provides a price advantage (outside high-season). If you make a reservation with the company in advance, you can find the opportunity to rent your car at a much more affordable price. Discounts are also applied for rentals exceeding a certain number of days.
9- When making your reservation, learn about the cancellation procedures of the company. In particular, you should find out if there are any cancellation charges and when you must inform them at the latest to avoid penalties.
10- Ask if there is a fee for additional drivers and whether their names should be stated in the contract. Include other additional drivers in the rental agreement. If you drive your vehicle to someone not included in the contract, you may jeopardize the validity of the contract.
11 - For one-way rentals, be sure to ask for delivery charges. These can be very loud.

Bliss rent a car is a professional car rental company in sports car rental in Dubai. Specialize in the provision of high quality and comfortable vehicles at the most reasonable rates. May it be your business trip, airport transfer, wedding hire, holiday tour, our company "Sports car rental in Dubai" helps you to find the right solution with modern large fleet of vehicles. Our vehicle collection ranging from economy to luxury including Cars, Coaches and Luxury Vehicles etc. It is highly recommended you to travel with expert drivers who are well trained, , disciplined, English speaking and tourist board approved. We also offer flexible rental times as long term, monthly or for few days.

If you have a vehicle that you left at home while going on vacation, make sure you have automobile insurance before going on vacation.

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When you decide to buy a vehicle, you must either make a bulk cash out or use a loan for the cash you need. Your expenses don't end with this either. Costs such as insurance, tax, maintenance, repair, and tire replacement of the vehicle you purchased appear as additional costs. Also, the uncertainty of your vehicle's resale value will be a risk factor for you. If you rent your vehicle for a long time, the total cost is only the monthly rents of your vehicle. Moreover, you will be protected from the risk of uncertainty of the second hand value of your vehicle, and you will be able to carry out all transactions from the purchase of your vehicle to the second hand sale effortlessly. When you take into account the cost-effective additional services you will receive under the rental, Renting a long-term car will be a more advantageous solution for you compared to buying. If you rent a vehicle instead of purchasing it, you do not need to pay any down payment and make a collective cash outflow related to the purchase price. You make your payments in pre-determined fixed rents.

Automobile Insurance, Insurance and Motor Vehicle Tax Payments
Vehicle insurance, traffic insurance and Motor Vehicle Tax payments are included in the lease scope and made by us in a timely and complete manner. Motor Vehicle Tax payments, which you have to pay when you buy your vehicle, but are not accepted by law, are no longer an additional burden on you if you rent your vehicles from us.

VAT Advantage
If the vehicle is purchased directly, VAT is a cost element and cannot be used for VAT deduction. In case of rental, the entire VAT on the invoice can be used as deductible VAT.

Strong Balance Sheet Outlook
Renting a vehicle contributes positively to the outlook of your balance sheet. Unlike purchasing with a bank loan, your company's future lease amounts that are not due in the payment plan are not included in your financial debts in your balance sheet and do not affect your borrowing capacity negatively.

Time Management Do
n't waste time meeting your vehicle needs and managing your fleet. CAR RENTAL service saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on your other business.

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